Yoga and Meditation Teacher

London, UK


Leanne is a yoga, Mindfulness and breathwork teacher working with corporate clients since 2018. She is qualified in a breadth of styles, and is passionate about making the practices of yoga as accessible as possible. Leanne is currently in training with The Minded Institute to qualify as a Yoga Therapist in 2023, and has also been involved in the therapeutic application of yoga in NHS settings and brings this experience to her workplace classes too.

She has a particular interest in supporting the movement side of the yoga practice with breath led exercises and Mindfulness. Participants to her classes can expect to cultivate greater awareness about their internal states, and become armed with a toolkit of practices to help manage them, whilst experiencing reduced stress and improved relaxation.


“Thank you so much for your coherent breathing session you did today. It was extremely well received, not just from the wonderful comments after the session but from conversations I’ve had with the team since”

“BIG thank you! That was a fantastic workshop. We truly enjoyed it. Thanks again for kicking off our wellness week”

“Thank you so much for the wonderful mindfulness sessions over the last year. The team have enjoyed them very much!”

“Personally I found Leanne’s yoga session fantastic. Her instructions were really clear and I was surprised, as a beginner, how much of the ‘extra’ stuff I could do. I felt calm, happy and relaxed all evening.”