Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

London, UK


Selen is known for her success in achieving sustainable weight-loss for her clients. Since 2015, she has coached over 4,000 people to reach their weight-loss goals, providing them with the confidence to maintain their new lifestyle habits and never gain the weight back.

Her Nutrition Coaching career started with her personal frustrations with yo-yo dieting and struggling to a find long-term solution. Like many, she spent years, subjecting her body to fad diets until her health began to seriously suffer. This ‘wake-up call’ led her to reclaiming her health and discovering her signature method to sustainable weight-loss – now proven to help many reach their goals.

She uses a unique method, combining the principles of Alkaline Nutrition (a focus on plant-based foods) with the flexibility of a Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. She calls this, “The Alka-Terranean Method.” Her Alka-Terranean Method™ is a proven, effective and science-backed method.

Coming from a professional background as a Computer Engineer, she knows all too well how mentally challenging and consuming it can be for busy people to live everyday healthily and consistently. She empowers women and men to follow a healthy lifestyle and gain knowledge to maintain progress. Making the process of losing weight attainable and accessible, Selen offers group coaching programs as well as 1-to-1 coaching.

Currently, she is on a mission to spread awareness of her incredible method and therefore she is excited to collaborate with brands and people that are aligned with her values.

Previously she has collaborated with brands such as Soho House, Soho Works, Press London, Biotiful Kefir, Form Nutrition, and Simba Sleep.