Health & Performance coach

London, UK


During the previous 15 years, Dan has cultivated a wealth of experience across multiple countries. Working with professional athletes and individuals from diverse backgrounds during his career. He has been able to leverage key experiences, to enhance client success, such as:

– Strength & Conditioning coach, Chinese Olympic Rowing team (China)

– Florida Gators Strength & Conditioning assistant Coach (USA)

– Millwall FC Academy Strength & Conditioning Coach (UK)

– 3rd Place in 2 x Ultra-marathons

– 6th Place in Australia’s Strongest-man competition

– 2 x Featured in Women’s Health Magazine (UK)

With exposure to this client-base, Dan has been able to develop a philosophy around health, wellness & performance that enables him to cultivate outstanding results for his clients.


“Before I met Dan, I was unable to make it past 3pm without a body crash. I was completely depleted and my organs were exhausted and I was turned away by my GP for any help. Dan helped me rebuild my body by focusing on health first! We began by amending my fitness regime for hormonal boosting exercises, a diet supportive to adrenal repair and a bled of essential supplements I was deficient in. He is now coaching me for a Triathlon and I have never felt better”

Louisa, 1-1 Coaching