Yoga Teacher & Sales Specialist

London, UK


“Truly health and fitness-obsessed, Julia has a 10-year professional career in rhythmic gymnastics behind her, having participated in competitions, from Universiade to National, European, and World Championships. After being a Nordic and Finnish champion, she decided to apply her strong will to her admiration for science by finishing a Msci degree in physics. Shortly after she entered the world of Finance working with equity and interest rate derivatives on both Sales and Trading sides for 7 years, as she was passionate about numbers and a high-paced dynamic environment.

As a former gymnast, Julia discovered yoga as a natural progression to physical exercise. When she ended her career as an athlete, there was an empty gap that needed to be filled. And yoga was a natural fit into this empty space. It took at least 5 years of rocket, ashtanga, and vinyasa practise to calm her mind from the busy finance world, as she really learned how yoga can bring on mental results and stillness. And after realising that really mind can be trained just like the body, Julia decided to dive deeper.

In 2019, Julia took her 200h Vinyasa-Teacher Training that took place between Tuscany and London with her favourite yoga teachers, Marcus Vera and Hannah Whittingham. Shortly after she had her first child, she left her career in finance to lead a life closer to family and pursue a career closer to her passion, which is all about health, sleep, well-being, and a sense of control.

Julia is a passionate yoga and meditation teacher that brings out the best in you. She wants to build strength and resilience in the physical body that she has learned from professional sports and apply science to everything she does. At the same time, she works on calming the mind, as she knows how overwhelming life can become when our minds are out of control, especially in the corporate world.

Julia is also a mother, and passionate about empowering pregnancies and births, and certainly about validating and respectful parenting