Maira Miranda

Lifestyle & Nutrition Coach

London, UK


Maira is a Personal Trainer, Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach whose mission became to help woman feel confident and strong, physically and mentally.

After a relationship break in 2014 and finding herself overweight, physically and mentally weak, lacking self-esteem, energy, motivation and consistency to pursue my dreams, she decided to challenge everything she knew and all her habits. She wanted to change her life and realised she had to take ownership to change her first and create the life of purpose she wanted.

She started focusing on changing her mindset, mastering new habits, enjoying the journey, be healthier and have more energy for life, rather than being obsessed with looks and appearance. It was game changer. The more she was enjoying the journey and letting that become a part of her, the more she could see the results on her body. The changes on her body was a by product of following a healthy lifestyle and nurturing a journey of self-love.

After gaining her confidence back and learning to love herself, not for the appearance but for the determination, self-discipline, self-love, She has a strong desire in her heart to help other woman feel the same confidence and truly believe in themselves.


“Thanks to Maira’s support, I have achieved my goal of losing 2 dress sizes in 2019. The journey has been amazing and I could not have done it without her. she taught me a lot on nutrition and healthy eating. My diet has completely transformed. Everything she has taught me in terms of fitness and nutrition has had a great impact on my life. I have definitely transformed inside and out as a result of that.
I’m currently on Maira’s Core confidence program. l am learning so many good nutritional habits. I’m learning to focus on forming good nutritional habits and enjoying the journey rather than focusing on outcomes, I have learnt this skill from Maira. This has helped me to improve my nutrition even further.
I am really enjoying eating healthy meals and don’t have cravings for junk food anymore. Being on Core Confidence program has helped me to learn how to make healthy eating enjoyable and to make it a lifestyle. My life has transformed in many ways through having personal training and coaching with Maira.
I would definitely recommend Maira. she is genuine and very dedicated to her clients. she is always available for support and very easy to approach. I would say, She is One in a Trillion. Thank you Maira”

Susan Allimadi

“While working with Maira, I’ve realised what can be achieved with discipline, consistency, self-care, and a few hours each week in the gym. I have more energy in my day to day life. My mindset has changed – I’m more positive, optimistic and grateful in all aspects of my life. Maira has an incredible positivity for life and a genuine enthusiasm for fitness and wellbeing that really comes across in our sessions. I’ve found spending time with her each week really motivating – it’s a time of the week I really look forward to! I was also surprised by the way I could really see the results of my new strength – the before and after photos helped to track the progress.
I was surprised by the way the programme was completely tailored to my needs and goals, and was regularly adapted when required to make things more challenging, or in some cases to help me progress. I was also grateful that Maira took a holistic view of diet, lifestyle and other factors contributing towards fitness and wellbeing. I can’t think of any aspects for improvement because the whole experience has gone completely beyond all my expectations. It’s been a pleasure training with you Maira!If you are committed, this will change your mindset and your body and your overall wellbeing unlike anything else you could buy.”

Esther Rachel Kilner

“I was surprised but the dedication, organisation and attentiveness that Maira has. For example, if I threw even a small comment like “this workout is good, but last time I was too sore/ not enough sore here and there”, she surely will remember that and come up always with new workouts tailored to my needs.
My previous PT was very cardio focused and constantly checked my results through weighing me on a scale. That sent me on a path of becoming numbers obsessed with scales and overworking myself with lots of stressful cardio. But Maira introduced me to weightlifting and since then I’ve been enjoying the gym way more (and I’ve actually seen more results!). She now checks my performance with the exercises, and this helped me so much mentally.
Before working with Maira, I was definitely blind to what I was doing at the gym. I thought I knew what enough (with a lifetime spent trying multiple diets and being on and off exercising), but I was trying to follow and ideal of aesthetically beauty that was making me under eating, over exercising badly, and definitely not happy. After meeting Maira, now my goal is to become stronger and to sustain a life that will make me age in an healthy way. What a big weight off my shoulders!
Now that I’ve worked with Maira, I became what I thought I would never become in my life: that person that actually loves going to the gym 5 times a week. I do not look at scales anymore, I still love enjoying food but I am overcoming my emotional eating. And, I definitely became one of the gym lads in the weight area at the gym.
If anyone is on the fence and still wondering if this is a good choice to make, treat it like a long life investment for the future. Maira especially has such a good approach to coaching that what I learnt through her has shaped my entire outlook on many things of my life. Getting a personal trainer, a good one especially as Maira, turned my life 180 degrees.”


“Working with Maira, I have developed much better habits, when I don’t have the best days, I have her for guidance. Even without direct contact, her guidance over the last months made me feel accountable as I have more applicable knowledge to work on than I did before. I had the information before but was not focused on me and therefore, it was difficult to follow through”