London, UK


Lawyer Morag Ofili has been involved in diversity and inclusion for well over a decade. She has an Msc in Sociology where she studied social change and human behaviour. A second-generation immigrant with a multi-cultural upbringing, Morag relies upon her personal, professional and academic experiences to help businesses tackle the honest (and often awkward) conversations required to create better workplaces.


Morag was fabulous…The content met my expectations and the key takeaway for me was that it is important to make small incremental changes rather than aim too big, that way you are always progressing. I absolutely loved these sessions, so much so I even logged on whilst on holiday because I didn’t want to miss anything.

Shakeela Looker, Head of Delivery Management, TMW Unlimited

It was great to understand that we were already doing the right things. The information on what to do next was really useful.

HR Business Partner, Digital publisher

Kiltered made us realise that we don’t have to have all the answers before we start making progress, and that the most important thing is creating an inclusive culture rather than trying to force a diverse workforce when that might not be realistic for all companies.

It is so clear how well Morag knows this subject and can expertly navigate any questions we threw at her on it in a very natural way. 

Jemma Martin, PR Consultant at Wonderland Communications

Learning from Kiltered made me realise that we need to put inclusion first and that starts with a look at our company culture. I really valued Morag’s input on some of the questions I put to her.

HR Manager, Software Company