Nasia Ntalla

Transformational Life Coach

London, UK


Nasia is the Founder of Astarte that provides Transformational Life Coaching Services, Career Mentoring, Business Coaching & Group Coaching programs tailored to people’s needs & at the same time she is working at Facebook as a Data Engineer.

She is passionate about bringing individuals and companies from surviving to thriving. She collaborates with people to co-create, start fresh and find effective and engaging solutions to meet their needs and unleash their creativity and potential in a professional & personal level. Her mission is to serve this world by building strong communities of equality, guiding people in discovering the best version of themselves and getting control of the quality of their lives.

She has lived in 3 countries and has started the journey of coaching & meditation in 2015. She has been mentoring people on their careers for many years and has also worked as a consultant for many startups, but also large companies to help them grow and take better decisions. She has provided group coaching in Facebook & NHS and has developed a Coaching Academy for women who want to transition in an Analytics career and build up their confidence.