Nutrition at Work


Plan Your Weekly Meals – Efficient and Beyond Healthy Meal Preparations – 60 min Webinar

  • Weekly shopping list with emphasis on healthy ingredients 
  • 5 daily meals that can be used as lunch and dinner
  • 5 healthy breakfast ideas (this could be an additional workshop) 
  • No waste
  • Seasonal ingredients 
  • Recipe cards included, nutritionally analysed 

One Healthy Habit At A Time – Hacks on Healthy Eating Habits – 60 min Seminar

  • Introduce one healthy habit daily 
  • Regulate your sleeping pattern -tips and hacks
  • Stop eating at least 3 hours before bedtime 
  • Journalling before bedtime 
  • Introduce Intermittent Fasting at least twice per week 
  • Cold showers every morning 
  • Presentation provided with scientific research and case studies 

Optimal Performance – Series of 3:40 min Seminars

  • Introduction to fasting 
  • Why fast?
  • Benefits 
  • Types of fasting 
  • Case studies
  • Each session will contain homework and accountability buddy 
  • At the end of the last seminar there will be opportunity to share personal experience

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