Feedback Coach

London, UK


Raf Baron is a former professional athlete who turned feedback to coach and podcast host. In 2018, he decided to use his experience as an athlete and manager to help managers across the globe improve their feedback mindset and skills.Modern, high performing teams need a different type of feedback culture to thrive. One that resembles sporting teams:-Delivered in real-time-Focused on growing both skills and mindsetThe traditional, top-down and periodical approach doesn’t work. It’s too slow and it’s not optimised to speak to our human needs. To engage your employees, you need to first understand why feedback causes stress. Then he coaches managers on how to develop their personal feedback toolkit.He continuously asks himself how can he make feedback less stressful and more engaging?Sports psychology and neuroscience are his go-to resources. On his “Coaching Leaders” Podcast, he talks to some of the brightest and coolest people on the planet to learn more about our mindset and behaviours. He blends that knowledge with his experience and passion to deliver highly engaging feedback workshops.His goal is to help managers and employees form a relationship that modern coaches have with athletes. To do that, he works on managers’ feedback mindset to change their negative feedback label.Managers are learning how to develop their own approach to feedback conversations and coaching styles. There are no “one size fits all”, formulaic scripts and acronyms to strictly follow in his workshops.And no traditional role plays! He co-create and have interactive discussions instead.


Highly recommend!In a world of tech we often forget that the most powerful tools lie within ourselves.I was fortunate enough to attend one of Rafs seminars and engage with him post-presentation, and would eagerly recommend more to do the same. I found use of what he taught straight away in both professional and personal situations and really valued that he taught not just mindset but also left us with tools we could take away and start using straight away. Instead of working with feedback like something you need to bake into a sandwich or softened down he turns it into a meaningful dialogue for both the giving and receiving party.
Eloise Inedahl , Swales Country Manager myWorld UK & IE

Raf is passionate about feedback and helping to strengthen feedback conversations. I have been working with Raf in 1:1 sessions where his advice, techniques and tools have been invaluable in helping me to provide effective feedback to my team and extract the maximum value from feedback I receive. Raf has consistently been able to provide practical guidance in how to navigate specific scenarios to create a positive environment for feedback and coaching.

Thomas Vipond, Associate Director at VaynerMedia

Raf will work with you to provide the tools needed to approach each and every conversation from a fresh angle for high impact, and in return, high results. Any blockers that you may have previously held concerning the providing of valuable feedback to those around you will be a thing of the past after the fantastic insight given. Top notch!

John Conyers, Area Manager at Wagamama

I have been lucky enough to get a few sessions with Raf so far, which have had an immediate benefit to me personally and professionally through adapting how I approach situations.I have been most impressed by how Raf was able to apply his thinking to my barriers. I truly appreciate how Raf has brought out and encouraged feedback which makes for some very enlightening conversations.

Robert Benjamin, Head Of Finance at Itech Media