How to Make Peace With Your Difficult Emotions?

by Urban Yoga Lab

April 28, 2022

What are the Steps to get rid of the Negative emotions we Have?

During this pandemic, it seems that new pathways present themselves for us to feel our emotions. Not only to feel them but eventually to let them go, more boldly or more meaningfully than ever before. This is perhaps the moment to ask “How can I use this sense of crisis to leverage power and growth in my journey to release my emotions?”. To answer this question, we first need to see our emotions, not as bad or good, but as energy in motion (e-motion). Read More: Positive Affirmations to Reprogramming Your Inner World

During challenging times, you might notice that your mind is either trying to dwell in the past or drifting towards the future trying to imagine a myriad of possible outcomes. The way our minds work is to stay closely attached to our thoughts and therefore our emotions.

  • Finding peace with our own emotions

It is tough in these circumstances to find peace with your difficult emotions. But it is still important to ask ourselves “how can I step outside myself and let these negative emotions go?”

Yes, breath-work, meditation, disciplined movement and being close to nature can all help. But alongside these practices, there is one more thing we are required to do: to become the passive watchers of our own experience and to embrace this with acceptance.

Check the benefits of breath work here

It is so important to be able to stay with our emotions and open the doors in our minds and hearts so they can be truly felt. It is just as important to create a space so they can be held and just invite ourselves to experience the feel of these emotions. Normally, in times when we are dealing with difficult emotions, we almost instinctively try to move into a reactive mode – either trying to control them or just resisting them.

  • How to experience and then let go of your emotions:
Step 1: Write down the emotions as you are the passive observer

Write down exactly how you feel as if you are watching yourself (Register for Urban Yoga Lab’s upcoming webinar about Journaling). Sooner or later by reading what you wrote down you will start noticing that the emotions become less and less intense. It is as if they are dissolving and losing their importance. Many of my clients have agreed that there is something powerful to start writing about their difficult emotions as if they are observing themselves.

Step 2: Stay in silence. Connect to your breathing

One of the things you might find helpful as a starting point for experiencing and “sitting with your emotions” is to invite yourself to stay in stillness and silence. Even 5/10 minutes can be enough. Being in a space where you can practice mindful breathing (Breathing Techniques) while you stay fully aware of your body’s responses to your emotions might not be easy in the very beginning. But once you start making it a part of your daily routine, you’ll start noticing little miracles begin to happen.

Step 3: Place your hands in the area of the body you feel the charge of the difficult emotions

As you notice yourself responding to the emotion you might start discovering certain parts of your body vibrating, pulsating, moving or getting tensed. Once you sense and experience this physical response of your system towards the emotion, place your hands on the specific region you feel more emotionally “charged”. Try to breathe through this part of your body. This is also the time for reflection and contemplation. Start opening yourself to this experience by getting connected to your body’s feedback from time to time as you do this simple exercise. Perhaps you might start feeling some liberating or relaxing sensations and some parts of the body will start softening.

Soon, you will be fully rid of your negative emotions!

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