How does Burnout Affect Womens in 2022

by Alexandra Kafka

August 3, 2022

How Burnout Affects Women?

Burnout is becoming an ever increasing presence within the work environment where employees are losing motivation for work and creating a negative feedback loop of emotions and actions. This is becoming a larger problem with more women in the workplace experiencing burnout than ever before.

What is burnout?

Woman suffering from burnout – Picture taken from Westend61/Getty Images/Westend61

Burnout is a combination of both physical and emotional exhaustion. The most commonly occuring cause for burnout is from the long-term stress associated with your job. The recurring symptoms of burnout can be identified as a constant feeling of tiredness and lack of motivation coupled with changes in habits i.e opting for more unhealthy actions like smoking and drinking to act as a stress reliever.

The impact of burnout

Impacts of burnout for woman

Burnout affects woman daily life – Picture taken from University Lincoln, Student life article

There are many impacts associated with burnout, however the most prevalent occur within ones social and professional lives. As burnout persits a person will begin to care less about the work meaning their performance will drop, tasks will either be incomplete or lack the quality they previously once had.

A person’s social life can also be impacted negatively, one may choose to stay inside and fray away from social activities such as to have time for themselves. However, this continued isolation begins to distill thoughts of negativity like not belonging both inside and outside of work.

This deepens the spiral causing the burnout to excess more damage as a person would feel like there is no one to open out and talk with increasing the feeling of loneliness.

Women and Burnout

A study done by Deloitte looks at 5,000 women in different workplaces. The results showed that the impact of the pandemic bringing about a new change in the workplace dynamic opting for hybrid working has begun to take a toll on women in the workplace.

Around 53% of the survey stated that their stress levels have increased since pre pandemic levels in which more than half are beginning to feel the symptoms of burnout. A common response found states that they feel “always on” meaning they are never truly able to switch off from work which causes them to constantly think about work even outside of the working hours.

This inability to switch off means that the chances for burnout can be significantly higher in women, combined with the socio-economic state of the world in which some companies still pay women less for a role than a man the constant need to one up male co-workers to be recognized by employers means that women end up being overworked for a small amount of notoriety.

How to combat burnout

Most important practices to overcome burnout – Picture taken from Earthstyleblog

To combat burnout we recommend a few changes to implement into your lifestyle:

  • Reach out to friends or loved ones more frequently: this gives you the opportunity to speak and open up about your emotions rather than bottling them in.
  • Take time to focus on other things that bring you enjoyment: Try take up new hobbies that can take your mind off work
  • Make sure to take time off work: if you have spent prolonged periods working and haven’t taken time off, try to take time off to help you manage your stress


To conclude burnout is becoming ever present within the new norm of post pandemic workplaces however, there are many ways to manage and identify the level of burnout a person has.

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