London, UK


I am a qualified Nutritionist and member of Royal Society for Public Health, a weight management specialist and a wellness coach. I also have significant experience in the restaurant industry and have worked with some of London and New York’s high-end restaurants. However, I had a different calling. I quit my corporate job to pursue my dream in wellness.

The power of wellness is close to my heart not only by my upbringing but also following an 11 year-long battle with leukaemia that my late father had to face. In 2008 when he has first diagnosed, our lives changed irreversibly. First, it was the acceptance of the new reality; second, it was the change of the attitude towards life in general not only for my dad but also for my close family. The long journey involved a series of medical treatments, over 450 courses of chemotherapy across the length of the disease and lastly, a sadly unsuccessful bone marrow transplant.

Over the last decade, we supported my dad by changing his diet to a plant-based one, with lots of fresh-squeezed vegetable juices and loads of supplements. We shifted his and our lifestyle entirely with health as the main focus.

After my dad sadly passed away, I gained an entirely new perspective on life. It was the perfect time to turn my passion for healthy eating into my new career. So here I am embarking on a wellness journey to spread the health.

My new purpose is to educate others on healthy lifestyle techniques to stay at optimal performance and age gracefully. My focus is:

To raise awareness about medicinal properties of healthy eating

To engage and educate people about superpowers of plants

To help busy professionals plan their weekly menus and encourage home cooking from scratch

To shout about the benefits of controlled fasting

To enhance our bodies and brains with natural ingredients, adaptogens and nootropics to help us thrive beyond our optimal abilities


My mission is to spread health far and wide by teaching people how healthy food can help them achieve their goals, not only physically but mentally too.

I’m a nutritionist, biohacker and a wellness coach who has a passion for making the world of nutrition accessible.

My approach has been tried, tested, and 100% proven. I’ve been feeding my On Root customers with beyond healthy food, I’ve guided my @the_globalfast community through extended fasting, I’ve coached my individual clients to help them stay healthy and optimised through nutrition. All of that to simply make you feel human again!

I’m here to evolve and support you by revolutionising the way you think about food and health!