5 Ways in which Yoga Helps Dating and Relationships

by Urban Yoga Lab

June 15, 2022

How can Yoga Help with Dating and Relationships?

A soulful connection is hard to come by. But one way to make it easier is by engaging in soulful activities such as yoga. Engaging in a mindful workout like yoga can increase your chances of forming deeper connections with someone even if you see them for the very first time. So here are five ways yoga can help dating and relationships

  1. Yoga Helps You Break the Barriers:

When preparing to meet someone for the first time, you might have a million thoughts crossing your mind such as, What do I do? What do we talk about? It’s going to be so awkward! A solution to this never-ending anxiety is by breaking your barrier of discomfort. But how do you do that?

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Yoga increases the levels of comfort between people to build a relationship. Even though yoga benefits both men and women equally, research by Washington Post highlights that yoga is dominated by women. So, if you’re a guy you might have higher chances of meeting the woman of your dreams at a yoga class.

…And if you enjoy a yoga class with her, she might come to cheer you at your basketball game. And then maybe you can take it from there…

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  • Share Great Experiences:

Great memories come from amazing experiences – especially the ones that involve physical engagement. Yoga has the power to bring people closer and synchronise flow to create fabulous moments that are worth remembering for life. Partners move from one position to another forming asanas without speaking to each other, this physical activity is powerful in connecting two souls.

It is natural to anticipate liking and dislike things about your partner on the first date, but a fun yoga class increases your chances of securing a second date, especially when you have thoroughly enjoyed the previous experience! Starting with couples’ yoga can help you create amazing moments that will want to be relived again and again.

Share a mindful experience, share a silent laughter. All is possible at a fun yoga class!

  • Strengthen your Core!

When engaging in couples’ yoga, partners rely on each other for balance and share a common goal of forming the final pose. When partners engage in non-verbal communication for the creation of a beautiful asana, they strengthen the core of their relationship that is namely, trust. Yoga can help you and your significant other enhance your communication and level of understanding.

Understanding the limits of your partner’s strengths and getting a hold of your own vulnerabilities can deepen your connection. Yoga can also synchronise thought processes and get rid of communication barriers.

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  • Break the Monotony:

“There is nothing better than going to a yoga class together, followed by a coffee and a healthy dinner” Bumble Date User

Dating is often associated with “grabbing drinks”, “watching a movie” (Netflix & Chill, so to say), or just spending quality time together.

When wanting to let loose and overcome our inhibitions, most of us would choose to meet at a bar and drink away. As much as that is a possible way to develop a connection with someone, the dynamic of such dates can get monotonous.

While planning to do something for the upcoming dates, it is highly recommended, even by dating professionals, to experiment and explore. A healthy way to test the dynamics of your relationship is by joining a mindful yoga session with your partner.

Break the cliche of “fun” and fill your week with work, wildness, and workouts!

  • Date a Yogi To Feel Better About Yourself:

Apart from having a positive outlook towards life and possessing a fine fettle, women or men who love doing yoga have a greater understanding of life. So, your dull days may become a little brighter, colorless seasons appear in beautiful hues and the weather is hardly stormy. People who practice yoga, tend to lead healthy, and as a result, happier lives. So if your partner sees the benefits of yoga, they would want that for you too. Oh and… they are way too zoned out to take up a fight!

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Written By Alexandra Kafka

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