The Secrets of the Dating Formula (best dating advices)

by Urban Yoga Lab

June 15, 2022

What are the best dating advice?

The world has recently faced uncertain times and if you think you are having trouble balancing your professional and personal life this year, you are not alone! Do you wonder what you are not doing right or what is missing in your personal life? Well, it is because the secret to successful dating and relationships has remained a secret to the world until 2020. This article reveals everything you need to develop a healthy and happy dating life.

Starting With Mindfulness – Trying to be mindful in everything you do might be just what you need.

Professor Mark Williams, former director of Oxford Mindfulness Centre says – “It is about seeing the present moment clearly. When we do that, it can positively change the way we see ourselves and our lives

Well, being mindful does not have to mean you have to do it all by yourself. Instead, the activities such as mindful meditation with your partner can help you two connect deeper and more strongly with each other. The reason why you can connect with your partner so strongly is that mindfulness is a practice that allows one to introspect and become self-aware.

Relationship expert Rachel Pace highly recommends mindful meditation with your partner as dating advice. She believes it is a bonding activity that serves to increase communication, engagement, and trust between the two souls.

Learn a New Skill Together – The reason why #Yogaforeverybody is the most common hashtag in the world of fitness right now is that yoga really is for everybody! Regardless of your age or experience, if you have a space to practice, you are eligible to practice yoga.

Learning a new skill together is a big part of our dating formula, and a great way to reconnect with someone, especially if that skill is yoga. Yoga breeds mindfulness and improves communication and harmony. Thanks to the study conducted by the Journal of Human Sciences and Extension that found a positive relationship between mindfulness and relationship satisfaction.

Mindful yoga, for example, has brought couples closer to each other mentally and physically. Learning the challenging yet rewarding skill of yoga can help your relationship see brighter, happier, and more positive days. (Read Urban Yoga Lab’s article about: 5 Ways in which Yoga Helps Dating and Relationships)


Choose Discipline over Drinks in Your Dating Formula

Traditionally dates are often associated with drinks and dinners, but the dynamics of the dating world have seen a change in the recent past. A study conducted by Wired on dating websites like OkCupid and highlights that “meditation”, “yoga”,” awareness”, “workout”, and “fitness” were common hobbies of popular profiles. People now prefer healthy lifestyles and seek for their significant other inside the yoga and gym classes.

Healthy relationship – Picture by Timo Stern

Yoga dating has changed the definition of fun and enjoyment. Yoga poses, asanas, requiring assistance from others might ignite a spark between you and your significant other. The gentle touch and/or eye contact help the non-verbal communication, create spontaneity, and build trust. Where before adults preferred deep conversations to understand someone better, yoga might just have become a method of creating spontaneous connections and paved its way to form something more meaningful and beautiful.

Become a Part of The New Trend

Yoga Speed Dating classes have become the new trend in the world of fitness and lifestyle. They also encourage practicing yoga with different partners throughout the yoga session. This innovation has successfully helped participants form meaningful connections even if that means just friendship. To break the monotony of practicing yoga silently, they are also required to shift mats throughout the class.

This has allowed all the singles to look at yoga with a different lens. A perspective that you can use to create spontaneous connections and break the barrier of awkwardness on your dates. If you already have someone in mind whom you want to connect better with and form a deeper understanding with, get them to join a yoga session with you. Take your relationship to the next level, one that is created in silence but speaks a thousand words. A one-hour yoga session is guaranteed to help you walk home feeling closer to the one you walked in with.

Yoga session – Picture by Benjamin Child

Yoga dating is now a growing trend in the world of fitness, and everyone seems to be in style!

All you need to take along with you is a yoga mat, a buddy, and an open mind. Close all doors to the outer world and focus on getting to know that someone a little better. A brand-new connection is what you are going to walk home with! To learn more dating advice, Check our blogposts about the importance of: Doing What You Love!

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Written By Alexandra Kafka

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