Why You Should Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone ?

by Urban Yoga Lab

February 23, 2022


Each person has their own comfort zone. It is a psychological state that makes people think they are safe in their current situation and lifestyle. But you cannot expect new things or success in life without getting out of your comfort zone. 

Benefits of Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Here are some benefits you can expect to enjoy by leaving your comfort zone.


Face your fears & get out from the comfort zone – Picture taken from David Marcu

You will Rediscover Yourself

People often fear life changes when they get too comfortable with things around them. You might think you cannot face new challenges. But once you convince yourself to try new things, you may find yourself more capable than you thought. You can discover new talents that bring positive changes to your life.  

Be More Productive

Our brain can become lazy and, over time, it starts to hate new challenges. When you get engaged in new activities, your brain gets reactivated. Researches show that new exercises keep the brain young and healthy for a long time. You will become more focused, creative, and organized

You Become more Adaptive

People who get habituated in their comfort zone cannot manage stress. Whenever things do not turn out the way they want, they feel overwhelmed. So, it is important for you to think outside of the box. You can become more adaptive, which will help you manage your emotions and stress. 

You Will Learn Failure Is Not Actually that Scary

Most people do not want to try new things because of the fear of getting criticized by others. Like many others, you may feel self-conscious and nervous when you participate in new activities. But you will realize people actually care little about you failing at something. Thus, you will realize things are not as bad as you expected once you try new things

Getting Out of Comfort Zone Makes You Confident

When you bring changes in your mindset and lifestyle, you feel empowered. With newfound confidence, you will feel brave enough to try new things you feared before. After you succeed in doing a task out of your usual routine, you will become even more confident. 

You cannot expect to get out of your comfort zone overnight. It will take time and lots of courage. So, start by taking small steps. Here is what you can do:

  • Learn something that you have always wanted to do.
  • Add some activities to your daily routine that will make your life less monotonous. 
  • Do something good, like volunteering in shelters. 
  • Do some physical exercise every day. It will improve your physical and mental health.
  • Choose a fear to confront (Public speaking, meeting new people, looking for new jobs, etc.).



You cannot expect changes in your life without coming out of your comfort zone. Keeping things as they are will keep you stuck in one place. So, take steps to change your mindset to open new doors of opportunities and success.

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