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Put on your Sombrero on and join us at our Mexican cooking classes to learn how to do Guacamole. We could think that Guacamole is easy to do but people around the world little by little transformed this recipe by adding many ingredients. 

In this course, you will:

  • Learn the original recipe of Guacamole
  • Learn how to present it beautifully at your next aperitive
  • Make some crisps from tortilla wrap

All you need is avocado, lemon juice, tortilla wrap, tomatoes, lemon, pepper, paprika and jalapeños if you want to spice your recipe. 

Photo by Karolina

What you Need to Know Before you Join:

  • You are welcome to participate with your cameras on/off
  • You can join with a family member or a friend
  • To join the class just click on the relevant hyperlink on the time you are interested to participate on the agenda above
  • You don’t need to download the Zoom application to join the room – just click on the link
  • If you have any issues finding the Zoom links, feel free to email us at info@urbanyogalab.com and we will share them with you