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Poor posture at work is a major cause of stiffness, back pain, and workplace stress. Indeed, most of us tend to spend up to 80% of our day sitting and according to a recent research adopting bad posture habits can lead to a decrease in productivity. During this session, we will explore ways of improving bad posture and we will share lifestyle tips that will helps us to stand and sit in a way that will be sustainable for our spine and our overall health. 

In this online wellness session, we will practice

  • Stretches that will help us to become more aware of our posture
  • Stretches that will help us to strengthen our core muscles
  • Ways of adopting the right posture and feeling more confident

Photo by Valeria

What you Need to Know Before you Join:

  • You are welcome to participate with your cameras on/off
  • You can join with a family member or a friend
  • To join the class just click on the relevant hyperlink on the time you are interested to participate on the agenda above
  • You don’t need to download the Zoom application to join the room – just click on the link
  • If you have any issues finding the Zoom links, feel free to email us at info@urbanyogalab.com and we will share them with you